The Genuine Corvette Black Book

Corvette Black Book 1953-2016

Model choices–Stingray coupe and convertible, Stingray coupe and convertible with Z51, and Z06 coupe and convertible–continued for 2016, but with new packages, features, options, and a race-inspired, C7R limited edition. That C7R graces the 2016 Corvette Black Book’s cover.  Inside, the book summarizes what’s new with the 2016s, and wraps up 2015 production with interim changes and production counts for models, options and colors.  Changes to 21 pages include new clarifications to 1963 and 1970 model data.

Tough act to follow

The first Corvette Black Book was published in 1978. Two years later a new edition added 1979 and 1980. A bigger edition came along in 1984 and updated books continued each year through 1990. In 1992, the book was rewritten cover to cover and new editions were published each year through 1999. In 2000, height and page count increased. Page count increased again in 2003 as more material was added. In 2011, the height of the book increased to a full ten inches. The beauty of the Corvette Black Book, like the car itself, is in its evolution. These are pocket-sized marvels with thousands of Corvette facts, options and option codes, exterior and interior colors and codes, production figures, serial numbers for body, engine, and component parts, original “window sticker” prices, and a compilation of each model’s unique details. By categorizing all this in a precise year-to-year format, the Corvette Black Book puts phenomenal expertise at your fingertips. The latest 1953-2016 edition is the best yet.

Improved yet again

In the Corvette Black Book, production quantities always trail by one year. So in addition to 2016 introductory info, the 2016 edition includes 2015 quantities and running production changes. It’s all part of an endless effort to maintain the Corvette Black Book’s reputation for detail and accuracy. Not only does it have the information you want, the book is designed so you can find it quickly.


No one’s perfect, but after nearly four decades of attention to detail, the Corvette Black Book has become the enthusiast’s bible. Next time you visit a top quality Corvette restoration shop, see if there isn’t a you-know-what lying around. Notice which book is stuffed into enthusiasts’ pockets at Corvette events around the world. It is Mike Antonick’s Corvette Black Book from Michael Bruce Associates. Period.

Notice 1

The Corvette Black Book and its publisher, Michael Bruce Associates, Inc., have no relationship or connection whatever with Hearst Business Media Corporation, its parent or affiliated corporations, or the Black Book published by the National Auto Research Division of Hearst Business Media Corporation.

Notice 2

Michael  Bruce Associates, Inc. and the Corvette Black Book are not associated with or sponsored by GM or Chevrolet Motor Division.


160 pages, softbound, 4.375” x 10” vertical, 67 b/w photos, uncountable facts. $22.95

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