The Genuine Corvette Black Book

Corvette Black Book
70 Year Legacy Edition

This Legacy edition is a second printing of the 2023 book released in late 2022. It adds 2023 production and final VIN data not in the first printing plus tweaks/updates to a total of 18 pages. Corvette’s 70th year was honored by an Anniversary Edition in White Pearl or Carbon Flash, with Ceramic White interior. The Z06 model arrived in September, 2022. Its LT6 engine, rated at 670-hp, was the most powerful naturally aspirated production V-8 ever sold. Total 2023 build was 53,785, just 22 short of the all-time 1979 record. Final quantities are included in this Legacy edition. A 2024 edition is not planned.

Tough act to follow

Introduced in 1978 with 60 pages about 6-inches tall, the Corvette Black Book has grown to 176 pages ten inches in height. This pocket-sized book has thousands of facts, options and option codes, exterior and interior colors and codes, production quantities, original “window sticker” prices, and a compilation of each model’s unique details. In its precise year-to-year format, the Corvette Black Book puts phenomenal expertise at your fingertips.

Improved yet again

In the Corvette Black Book, production quantities usually trail by one year but this Legacy second printing edition does include 2023 quantities and running production changes. All part of an endless effort to maintain the book’s reputation for detail and accuracy. It is not, and has never been, a guide to current values.


No one’s perfect, but after four-plus decades of attention to detail, the Corvette Black Book has become the enthusiast’s bible. Next time you visit a top quality Corvette restoration shop, see if there’s a you-know-what lying around. Notice which book is stuffed into enthusiasts’ pockets at Corvette events the world over. 

Notice 1

The Corvette Black Book and its publisher, Michael Bruce Associates, Inc., have no relationship or connection whatever with Hearst Business Media Corporation, its parent or affiliated corporations, or the Black Book published by the National Auto Research Division of Hearst Business Media Corporation.

Notice 2

Michael Bruce Associates, Inc. and the Corvette Black Book are not associated with or sponsored by GM or Chevrolet Motor Division.


176 pages, soft bound, 4.375” x 10” vertical, 69 b/w photos, uncountable facts. $25.00

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